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The Jayda Show

The Jayda Show

Jayda has arrived for an all-new talk show, born from what’s hot on social media. She’s the twentysomething ride-or-die, LA native, foodie freak, new-to-New-York content creator, and everyone’s best friend. In a genre where we all kind of know what to expect, Jayda’s young, humorous perspective is serving up what’s missing. 


Jayda is the product of two distinct icons from Thailand; her popstar father and her beauty pageant mother. And while that combo sounds glamorous, it wasn’t always easy. As her father stayed in Thailand to focus on his music career, her single mom raised Jayda in California to have a love of both the fame and the day-to-day.

Jayda used that keen eye to start her own modeling career, booking commercials, hitting the runway and seeing the art in the everyday. Maybe that’s how she amassed over 450k followers on Instagram. Well, that and her ability to talk about anything with anyone. She’s equal parts real and aspirational; someone who feels like she’s got a pulse on fashion and that new new, while also seeming like the girl you’ve grown up next door to your whole life.

Set in New York, The Jayda Show is a talk show for people who know how to use TikTok.

The target audience is 18-34, a new generation seeking their own voice. Each episode will begin with a voiceover monologue a la (dare we say it) Carrie Bradshaw circa OG SATC. Her monologues will give us insight into her inquisitive mind, primarily focused on a question she has that will act as the driving force of each episode.

And while her episodes are standalone, each season will follow an arc of self-discovery. Season one, for example, will give us 10 episodes in New York and 3 in Los Angeles to see how much that exploration–and the input from her guests–has altered her POV.

In our pilot episode, Jayda will wonder: What mysteries await a newcomer at the Met?

In another, Jayda will ponder: Who runs Queens?

In a food-heavy, Thai-focused ep, she’ll ask: How much Thai food is too much Thai food?

The tone of the show is lively, authentic, and relatable. Jayda’s interview style is honest. She’s never looking to trap somebody into an answer. Rather, it always feels like she’s with friends and that by watching, you are one as well.

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