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Paine Lake Asia Fund FAQ

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  • What type of fund is the Paine Lake Asia Fund?
    This will be a Value-Add fund. We're going to increase the Gross Operating Profit (Net Operating Income) of each property.
  • How much is Paine Lake raising?
    USD 500 million
  • Who is in charge of fundraising?
    Mr. Brian Keegan, a former Managing Director of JP Morgan and Bank of America Merrill Lynch.
  • What is the minimum investment?
    US $25 million
  • Where is Paine Lake buying hospitality assets?
    We're eyeing destination cities in Japan and Thailand. In Japan, we're viewing properties in Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya. In Thailand, we're seeing assets in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket, Koh Samui and Pattaya.
  • Why is Paine Lake buying assets in these countries?
    These countries have exceptional properties for sales; are experiencing a tourism boom; and Paine Lake has an experienced operations team on the ground. These are also two markets where the USD is delivering strong value.
  • What are the hospitality assets Paine Lake is buying?
    We are targeting a range of hospitality products, including hotels, resorts, serviced apartments, co-living facilities, furnished student housing and other furnished lodging. Our target properties will have 200 rooms. In Thailand, we are requiring a swimming pool. In Japan, we are looking for properties with gyms.
  • How about the other countries in Asia?
    Paine Lake is doing due diligence on other countries in Asia, such as South Korea, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines and India. However, at this time we are most confident in delivering a return to investors in Japan and Thailand.
  • What is the projected IRR for investors?
    As of January 2023, we are currently projecting an IRR 15%, achieved over ten years. ROI will also be significant, as we forecast a triple equity multiple.
  • What is the meaning about the "current strength of the US dollar"?
    According to Mergers & Acquisitions, "Compared to all global currencies, the U.S. dollar is the strongest it’s been since 2000. The dollar is nine percent stronger than the Euro...and a whopping 20.6 percent stronger than the Japanese Yen. The relative strength of the domestic currency has made overseas assets more appealing to institutional investors and corporate buyers."
  • What is the exit strategy?
    Paine Lake will be looking to sell the assets in the 9th and 10th year of the Fund, which will allow LPs to exit in 2032-2033.
  • How will Paine Lake deliver a value add?
    Paine Lake will deliver a Value Add by funding renovations each property; optimizing operations; increasing its sales distribution and improving sales and revenue management.
  • Are you focused on acquiring specific brands?
    The Paine Lake Asia Fund is brand agnostic. In other words, we are comfortable with any brand, if we believe in the location and quality. We are seeking quality assets for which we can turn a Value-Add strategy.
  • Please explain how the Fund will work?
    Limited Partners will invest in the Fund. The Fund will then acquire hospitality assets, in Japan and Thailand. Our operations, sales and marketing teams will go to work to upgrade the property's performance.
  • Are you buying new development sites, or taking over properties that are already operating?
    We're taking over existing properties.
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